A helping hand – Lewa House guests help a wounded elephant

Yesterday morning during breakfast one of our guests saw a young bull elephant by the waterhole in front of the lodge. On closer inspection it appeared that the Elephant was limping. Calum phoned the Lewa Ops Room to report it and shortly thereafter one of the KWS (Kenyan Wildlife Service) vets arrived to have a look.

The vet thought maybe the elephants leg had been caught in a snare as it appeared slightly swollen, it was decided that the elephant should be darted and the snare removed. The vet kindly phoned us and asked if the guests who originally saw the elephant would like to come down and help! What an opportunity!

We all piled into the car went down to lend and hand. On arrival it quickly became apparent that it wasn’t a snare but a gunshot wound, one on his leg and 2 on his side – a poacher had tried to shoot him and take his tusks. It was with mixed emotions, both anger at the poacher and wonder at this being this close to an elephant, that our guests helped the vet treat the elephant wounds and get him on his feet again.

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