Vibrating Chameleon at Lewa House

A few days ago as Calum walked down to the Lewa House pool he noticed a stick on the path that seemed to “fall over” as he got near it – on closer inspection he realised it was a chameleon?! The first one we (or anyone we know) has seen on Lewa?

It’s called a Kenyan Pygmy-Chameleon (Rhampholeon kerstenii) and has an interesting tactic of vibrating violently when picked up – something that Calum discovered when he handled it for the first time! It vibrates so much that a person who found one near the Kenyan coast thought that the chameleon had given them an electric shock?!

In Somali folklore it is said that if a Camel touches one of these chameleons the vibrations will kill the camel! We released our camel slaying chameleon back in to the bush safe and sound.

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