Bath time at Lewa House

A velvety sky studded with millions of stars. The Milky Way arching overhead, from which Scorpio hangs by his tail.

When the wind blows, a slight eddy strokes my face with an invigorating touch.

Suddenly a shooting star streaks across the sky towards the northern horizon, dropping towards my right toe which is peeping out of the water.

I am lying in a deep warm bath, watching the stars of the African sky perform above. Cocooned in the warm water, with the glow from a fire keeping me company, I feel, for a moment, part of the magic.

A wind eddy strokes my face again, reminding me that the bath will get cold, and that it will soon be time to join the others for dinner.

I reluctantly lift myself out, aware that very little ‘bathing’ has gone on, but how the star show has cleansed my soul.

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