Our story at Lewa

So, tell me about the experience of being on safari? There's a vitality here that makes you feel very alive. It's the dawn setting fire to the peaks of mount Kenya, or it's the cold air on your cheek in the morning. It's the rich smell of the dusty earth. It's the playfulness of a elephant, discovering it's inner child, with the help of some mud and water -

It's always special, and it's always unique.

Sophie’s Mother with her Daughter
Sophie’s Great Grandfather

Our Family

For generations we have been dedicated to wildlife conservation and offering unique experiences in this part of Kenya.

Right Below The Lewa House family

With our livelihood, we work towards stewardship of Kenya's natural heritage for future generations.

My great grandfather's progressive approach to community and conservation left us with a distinctive legacy‌.‌

Proceeding generations continued to build on the foundations he laid and as the urgency to manage humanity's impact on the natural world escalates, cultivating conservation and a culture of sustainable land use, remains part of our daily lives.

I went to university in Scotland‌,‌ where I met my husband Calum‌,‌ who was there studying zoology‌.‌ Calum went on to work in the ‌A‌frican travel industry‌,‌ and is a FGS‌A‌ trained walked guide‌.‌

We made Lewa House our home in 2012‌.‌

A Network

Together we can understand our impact on wildlife, and learn to live in harmony with it.

Right Below All species create ecological dynamism

We're leading the way for wildlife conservation in Kenya, Africa.

Leave Space for Wildlife – that was the way my Great Grandfather summed up his philosophy.

Nature is a complex network and we are just one little spot on that network. What we do has enormous effects that ripple out around us. We cannot exist in isolation.

At Lewa House we bring this philosophy of 'The Butterfly Effect' into our business and evaluate our success against this measure. Have we been able to catalyse a small, positive change?

The Relationship

People need nature. So we must do everything in our power to protect and nurture our surroundings.

Right Below Purket holding a Giant Jewel Beetle

By promoting a positive relationship with nature, we promote a positive relationship with those around us.

A significant amount of the work the Wildlife Conservancy is doing, is working with the communities around Lewa to make sure they are benefitting from the wildlife being here.

Unless the people are seeing a benefit, it is not going to be in their interest to help protect it. They have to see it as key to their own survival and key to their children's future.

As people, we need nature and need to have a relationship with it.

Nurturing the natural world and those around us creates positive change.

An Experience

An unforgettable place. A special adventure. Unique moments to cherish.

Right Below Earnest setting up sundowners on Pombe rocks

“Livin’ La Vida Lewa left us transformed from the inside out!"

It is special to witness life in an intact ecosystem; it's real, it's raw and challenges people to question their own place in this world.

Being on safari often shines a mirror on your own culture and confronts you with parts of life you never have to think about.

It enlivens and invigorates, and (we hope) drives positive change in your part of the world.

Get lost in the beauty of Lewa