How do we get there?

There are daily scheduled flights from Wilson airport with Safarilink or Airkenya, or you can charter your own aircraft if the scheduled timings don’t work. By road we are a four hour drive from Nairobi.

Can we make phone calls and send emails?

Much of Kenya has excellent cell phone coverage, including Lewa. Due to our location the rooms don’t get a signal but in the garden around the main house it is very strong. We have WiFi so you’ll be able to connect with others via email.

What’s the weather like?

We’re at 5500ft (1700m) and have warm days and cool nights. Daytime temperatures reach high 20s °C (80’s °f) and nights get down to 12°C (50 °f). We have two rainy seasons per year, when Lewa House is closed (April and November).

What clothes shall we bring?

Pack layers, including a light-weight windproof jacket and a warm jumper. You’ll need to dress warmly in the early mornings and evenings. Also a wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses are essential. Bring comfortable walking shoes and sandals. You may find large hiking boots too warm for this climate, so these will only be suitable if you are doing some Gorilla trekking or climbing the mountain.

Are there mosquitos and other bugs?

We do have the odd grass-mosquito. Their bite does not transmit any disease and there are nets over the beds at night. There are a few bugs of course, but huge swarms of anything are unusual.

How about malaria?

We are a malaria–free area. Our high altitude means that malaria mosquitos cannot survive here.

Is the water safe to drink?

Yes. Our water comes direct from a spring and all ice and drinking water is treated.

Can we use a hair dryer?

As we run 100% on solar energy, we can’t operate hairdryers off our electrical system.

How about charging my camera batteries?

There’s lots of power for this and you can even charge overnight.

What activities are included?

If you’re staying three nights or more, one horse ride per person is included. Also included are walks, community and conservation activities, game drives and all food and drinks. Not included: entry to the Ngare Ndare Forest and Il N’gwesi masai village visit. These are both $30 per person.

Can we make payments by credit card?

Yes, we accept Visa, MasterCard and AMEX.

Is it true that luggage on internal flights is limited to 15kg?

Yes and they can be quite strict on this. Remember that most lodges, including us, offer a complimentary daily laundry service which means you don’t need to pack so many clothes.

Can we bring supplies for the schools?

Of course and we’ll get them to the schools for you if you don’t manage it while you’re here. There are a lot of other projects on Lewa, so you may like to wait and investigate for yourself where your donation might be best directed.


We aim to operate as sustainably as possible by creatively and efficient using the resources available. We avoid creating waste that can only be thrown away and try to re-use as much as possible and recycle anything else. We’re 100% solar powered too.

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